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We have already recommended one amazing Halloween show option with Hey Marseilles and Fences at the Columbia City Theater, but if you can’t make it to CCT or are nervous that your costume will not be up to snuff for a true Halloween show, might I suggest Joseph Giant (Final Spins, Pearly Gate Music and Throw Me The Statue) at the Blue Moon. There will undoubtable be a few folks in costume (I’m going as Ishmael from Moby-Dick), but more likely the Blue Moon will be warm and full of friendly folks, drinking beer (bring cash) and ignoring the ghostly aberrations of the night with Josephs’ folky, feel good, country tracks. Joining Joe will be Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (Yes!) and battle hymns.

As if you needed more incentive, below are a few photos I was able to snap at the last Joseph Giant show in Ballard! These boys rock.

{Joseph Giant just finished self releasing his first full length record. It’s hand made and totally cool. Check it out here}