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Prom Queen, the newest solo project by my pretty friend Leeni, has a lush 60s-esque sound that started as covers and has now evolved into an album full of original songs called Night Sound that will be released offcially on 4/24 at The Can Can.

Simliar in feel to her Romeo + Juliet project (whose album I reviewed last Spring), Night Sound is tailor-made for David Lynch films. Packed full of romantic, dark tunes with vintage appeal — and I still don't understand why he hasn't called Leeni up and asked her to make him a soundtrack, like NOW. Sounds great, right? And The Can Can is the perfect venue for Prom Queen's CD release…so I'll see all you Muholland Dr. fans there. 

Side note: I like to think that she made the spooky video for "Black + Blue" above just for me (she didn't, but I like to THINK it anyway), because HELLO. It's scary! And rad. And I ♥ it. 

{Prom Queen with Vince Mira | The Can Can | April 24 | 9pm | 21+ | $7}