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{Rachel Flotard / by Christopher Nelson}

Okay. We know Saturday’s Seattle Rock Orchestra show isn’t just about Rachel Flotard, but she’s just so damn fantastic (as this picture by the amazing Christopher Nelson shows) that we can’t ever resist a chance to mention her.

The lovely Ms. Flotard, along with The Seattle Rock Orchestra, Jon Auer, Joshua Morrison, Kaylee Cole, and a veritable star-studded cast of local musicians will be performing a tribute-y evening around Radiohead’s The Bends and OK Computer this weekend. The show takes place Saturday (February 19th) at the Moore Theater, and if you’re not swooning the night away out at Columbia City Theater, you’d best come and get yourself a seat.

That’s about all we need to say about it, n’est ce pas? We’ll see you there.

{All ages / 8p / $18. Tickets available for advance purchase here.}