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Oh man is tonight going to be a good one! Get thee to the Tractor tonight for a very, very special night, as everyone sings “It’s Your Birthday” to two Seattle pop legendaries – Lulu and Kurt of the Fastbacks. The evening starts off promptly at 8:30 with a heavy dose of Seattle royalty- the Young Fresh Fellows. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, a bunch of other, a bunch of Seattle pop royalty, like PUSA, the Tripwires, Thee Sgt. Major III, and tons more will join the stage to sing a bunch of Fastbacks covers. And then, Seattle’s favorite Fastbacks cover band, The K-Streets (hint – it’s basically just the Fastbacks) will perform all the hits and classics. To top it all off, the night is only $5. I can’t possibly think of a better way to spend a fiver.

In honor of this wonderfulness, we at TIG decided to re-run this beautiful piece of Fastbacks nerdery, origially posted by a Dear Mr. Oswald a few months ago for the last K-Streets show at the Sunset.

Ah, the K-Streets… I last saw them in the winter, and I guess now is the time to see them in the summer – a banner year, I know! No information is available about them, but if you were to ask me what it’s like and what to expect, I’d say parts of their songs sometimes sound like they were taken out of the charts, and you will maybe think “is it familiar?”…

Let me just say that sitting on your hands on the couch (even in someone’s else’s room) would really be a waste of time and so wrong, wrong, wrong. The Young Fresh Fellows open the show, but I’m always full of impatience, and if I have to wait it out for one more hour, that would be everything I don’t need! I just ask that if you find your way to the front fast enough, save room for me. Oh, and be sure to ask Kurt and Lulu, who are celebrating a birthday that night, to “please make a wish, it’s your birthday!”