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As if The Wizard of Oz wasn’t trippy enough on its own, SIFF Cinema is offering you a chance to experience the incredible synchronicity of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of Moon as its soundtrack. A long-standing urban legend claims that the lyrics on the 1973 album align almost perfectly with the happenings in the 1939 film. PF members have long denied any intentional connection, but fans swear it’s uncanny.


The Dark Side of Oz plays at SIFF Cinema on December 4 and 5 at 9:30pm. You can buy tickets online here ($10 GA, or $5 for SIFF Members)—or if you prefer to watch the film in its original incarnation, the regular old WoOz will be showing on the same days at 3pm…which makes for a convenient double feature with some happy hour or dinner time in-between, non?