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It's the fourth year of the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival, and since y'all know I love me some horror and fantasy movies, y'all also know that I am beyond excited. 

This year the fest is screening 5 features and over 40 shorts that focus on action, animation, fantasty, horror, and science fiction. You can get an entire festival pass for only $60 and see EVERYTHING, or pick individual screenings for $10 a pop. Tickets and passes will be availalbe at both venues: The SIFF Film Center and SIFF Cinema Uptown, or you can grab 'em online here

Among the features I'm personally exicted about are The Human Race, which has sort of a Series 7: The Contenders vibe to it, but likely WAY bloodier, as it involves way more people (the trailer is pretty wicked), and The Big Black, about heaven/hell/angels/demons – I don't know. It just looks awesome! There are too many great-looking shorts to mention, but I encourage you to peruse the schedule and pick a package that speaks to you. 

{Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival | Oct. 5-7 | SIFF Film Center, SIFF Cinema Uptown | $60 full series pass, $10 individual screenings (and shorts packages)}