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Grand Archives, a group of veteran indie rockers, is touring for the upcoming release of their second full-length album, Keep In Mind Frankenstein, due out September 15th. That’s the day before my birthday. I’ll think of it as Mat Brooke’s (Band of Horses) present to me.

If you’re enamored with the idea of five part harmonies echoing out over an array of unexpected instruments, then you should probably check out this show. Their dreamy melodies manage to throttle into rollicking, knee-jerk inducing crescendos. And other times they stay subdued, and sometimes they fall into different eras but they always find a core in their folk rock roots.

They are playing The Crocodile tonight, Friday 6/12 with Seattle-based See Me River, touring for their March 2009 EP, a precursor to their upcoming summer release, Time Machine. Their acoustic sound rests on the crest of the New Wave and crashes into a gothic country ocean.

The openers for the show, The Curious Mystery, also a Seattle band, released Rotting Slowly this May on K Records. Listening to Shana Cleveland’s vocals tripping along the curb of a pot-hole ridden road, is like skinning your palms for the first time since you were ten; a bit unexpected and nostalgically pleasing.

Check out “Ed Jackson” from See Me River on KEXP’s song of the day blog.