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Prepare to have your everything rocked every which way but with Clint Eastwood and an orangutan who plays the keytar. 

Part of the Noise for the Needy benefit, this particular show features some of the coolest and noisiest bands in the Emerald City!

The show takes place Friday, 6/12 at the Underground Events Center at 2407 1st Ave (between Battery St & Wall St) in Belltown. It begins at 9PM, tickets are 10 US dollars, and it's 21 and up.

The lineup includes:

The Whore Moans– If the Clash, the Replacements, AC/DC, T-Rex and the New York Dolls were all part of some Arnold Schwartzenegger in Twins experiment, the Whore Moans would be the baby that resulted.

Speaker Speaker– If you like Jawbreaker, you'll love Speaker Speaker. After taking some time off of touring in late Winter, these boys have many summer gigs lined up, many of which are also benefits (they'll earn their studded wings in heaven). Check out their MySpace page to hear tracks off of Call it Off, which was released in February.

Wallpaper– These garage rockers are eclectic in their sound. They have a white-boy soul vibe similar to The Soledad Brothers by way of the Kinks. Their musicianship is tight, they harmonize well, and they are not to be missed. Their album, On the Chewing Gum Ground was released in November. 

The Greatest Hits– One listen to The Greatest Hits, and one can feel how deeply in love this band is with rock-n-roll. Citing influences from all over the map, including Bowie, Chuck Berry, and Hanoi Rocks (!?), they literally ooze enthusiasm. They will be a guaranteed blast to watch. It would be no surprise if these guys sweat glitter glue, they're so glammy.

The Raggedy Anns– Self-described as "one Limey skank and three dirty Yanks," the Raggedy Anns are a mezcle of rock, blues, and world-beat. Lead vocalist Tom Beecham has a little bit of a Colin Meloy feel to his voice, which makes the music all the more intriguing. Add to this a bit of surf rock, and you have a head scratching, foot thumping good time.