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I have never caught The Devil Music Ensemble live — a Boston group made up of three experimental musicians who do for the NE what Seattle bands like Degenerate Art Ensemble and some of our more classically trained punks do out here — but now is my perfect opportunity, with them live-scoring the resurrection of "Red Heroine" Sunday night at SIFF Theater.

"Red Heroine" is a strange 1929 thought-lost martial arts film, the only surviving episode in a series of thirteen, that features a young woman whose village is trashed and she turns into a warrior to kick some serious ass about it. Bet that Tarantino has a copy in his bootleg library.

What Q. "Kill Bill" T. won't have is the opportunity to hear incredible music played during the showing of the Wen Yimin classic at Seattle's own SIFF Theater this Sunday night at 7 PM. Though the tickets are $15, those SIFF attendees who caught the big fun at the showing of likewise silent flick "Sunrise" with live playing by Sub Pop's The Album Leaf are probably very excited about this sort of thing happening again. I know I am!