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Little Death is a promising new band from London that has somehow found its way onto my iPod.

This is a garage rock band that reminds me a lot of The Strokes: singer/songwriter/guitarist Kc Underwood sounds like a dead ringer for Julian Casablancas and the two guitar parts from Underwood and Nathan Hewitt fill the part of me that has been pining for a new Strokes release (it's 3rd full year without one is fast approaching). Little Death, though, is hardly a Strokes cover band. They craft their own sound that is a little more psychadelic.

The three members of the band (which also includes bassist Julia Kurokawa) all found themselves in London after growing up elsewhere. Underwood is from California, Hewitt Canada and Kurokawa Egypt.

They are set to self-release an untitled EP that will be released domestically next month. You can download it's first single "Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?" by right-clicking here and check out their MySpace page ( for more info about getting your hands on a copy of this EP.

Here's the video for another song I'm really digging called "Countdown":