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Sure, maybe it’s not a great adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel. Hell, it’s not even that great of a movie – but it is a perfect time capsule of the 80s, from Jamie Gertz’s high bangs to Andrew McCarthy’s giant shoulder pads, its heavy-handed “drugs are bad” message and The Bangle’s cover of Hazy Shade of Winter (why do I feel like they play that song 100x during the movie? Maybe I just saw the video too much on MtV overload):

For anyone who doesn’t know, Less Than Zero is angst in script form: Ridiculously wealthy Clay (McCarthy) comes home from college to LA and discovers that his ridiculously wealthy friends are still living the same opulent, drug-filled, partying life they were when he left them behind. Will Clay get sucked back into old patterns? Can he save Blair from her soon-to-be washed up model fate? Can they both save Julian from his evil dealer Rip (James Spader looking creepily thin)?

While McCarthy & Gertz are a little over-the-top, Robert Downey Jr’s nearly flawless performance as their junkie friend makes the film. And while you might argue that the reason he was so good was because he was actually high during filming, you can’t deny that guy can ACT.

I recommended you head up to Central Cinema to see it. Then you’ll be prepared the sequel that Ellis is finishing up now: Imperial Bedrooms (both titles are taken from Elvis Costello songs).

That’s right, I said sequel. And the author’s looking for someone to adapt it to film…

{Less Than Zero starts tonight, July 9th at Central Cinema (1411 21st avenue) at 9:30 pm, and runs through Wednesday, July 15th. }