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Speaking of fashion and rock stars, is flannel making a rock stage comeback?

Three possible explanations for why Ben Gibbard sported a flannel shirt for the Death Cab for Cutie performance last night.

  • Behind in laundry: The only clean shirt he could find
  • Hat-tip: An homage to the group's northwest rock roots. (see Grunge)
  • Ahead of the curve: Ben is a fashion yoda, tuned in to the latest 2008 fall fashion trends

Who's ready to join the flannel brigade? (Inverse: who never left?)

If flannel is a bit too casual for your style, an worthy alternative is to rock a crush-inspiring awesome sweater, ala Chris Walla. Imaginary Liz declares,"It's a fact that Chris Walla always has the best sweaters."

Hold on now – – Imaginary Liz may be on to something. A Three Imaginary Girls-hosted Design-a-Holiday-Sweater-for-Chris-Walla contest, perhaps?