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As we mentioned last week, Three Imaginary Girls is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year!!!

To celebrate the big ONE OH, we want to kick it old school with you and bring back our favorite way to celebrate most anything… Rockstar Karaoke!  In keeping with our Cure-inspired moniker and our love of all things synth-post-punk-pop and hair gel, the theme of the night will be New Wave and it’s all going down on Friday, June 1 at Chop Suey!!!

It’s been years since we hosted our last Rockstar Karaoke event, so in case you didn’t get to experience one first hand, this is how we do it:  We gather up the finest indie-rockers in town and ask them to take the stage for one song and karaoke their hearts out as Seattle’s best KJ (Karaoke Steve of Twilight Exit and Molly Maguires fame) plays the backing track.  There will also be a few open spots on the schedule for lucky audience members to participate throughout the night.  The air is filled with New Wave love and sing-alongs.

Since we just got the date solidified at Chop Suey, we’re still in the beginning stages of cajoling our favorite rockstars into taking the stage (nudge, nudge). Who would you love (plus one) to see up there?

We want you there (because it’s not a party without you!), so get your tickets now!

(The photos are from our Buttrock Karaoke Party from a few years back, courtesy of Ryan Schierling.  Yes, it’s going to be *that* kind of party!!!)