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{Noddy at Dancing on the Valentine 7! photo by: Benjamin Haley}

So I have this beat-up CD of Noddy’s called Goddamn Heart Attack that I picked up at a show loooong ago (2006, I believe) when they opened for a band I no longer remember at High Dive (I *think*).

Anyway, Noddy has evolved a bit since then, but I will never forget the moment they took the stage and I fell for their pop-synthy tunes and pretty vocals. Every time a song from that CD pops up on my iTunes, I can’t help smiling—in fact, every time I’ve seen them play, my face starts to hurt from all the crazy, happy grinning.

On February 10th of this year, Noddy played Dancing on the Valentine 7. Arriving in striped shirts inspired by vintage Duran Duran pictures (as shown above), they totally KILLED IT  on stage with covers of "Big Thing," "Red Carpet Massacre," and "Someone Else Not Me."

We think Noddy is the perfect choice to sing some New Wave karaoke with us!!! They’re still trying to narrow down exact choices, but let’s just say I’m super happy with the three song choices they’re juggling … maybe I’ll even drag out my Doc Martens for the occasion and pretend I’m at The Underground, circa 1987.

Get prepped for some hand-clapping Noddy goodness with their video for “Black Heart”: