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Doesn't this photo say, "Fuckyeah, I'm awesome!"? Photo by: Dave Sanders 

So last year around this same time, I discovered an album called Oopma by lovely, honey-voiced Sabrina Chap – and I'm pleased to announce that she's coming back to Seattle with a week full of shows! Burlesque, caberet, piano-playing, crooning – you name it, Sabrina is doing it. Man oh man, I love this woman! She's currently cooking up her new album, We Are the Parade, and could use a some dollas to help finish it up and get it out the door. I'm a sucker for kickstarter campaigns, so I donated. You too? 

{Ed. note: Sabrina decided to share a song from her new album so y'all could hear what's next, so we switched out the track!} Ms. Chap generously offered up a preview of some of her new stuff for our imaginary readers! Take a listen to this track from We Are the Parade

So to recap: track down a copy of Oompa and mix up some Manhattans, take a listen to one of her new tracks, throw a few bucks her way if you dig it, and take your pick from any of the shows below to bask in the Sabrina goodness. 

Feb. 10th, 11th &12th
That's F*cked Up 3!
Burlesque as you've never seen it… 
Doors @7pm | Show @8pm 

Feb. 15th
Vito's Seattle
Leeni and Love's Cabaret Show
Show from 9-10pm 

Feb. 16th
Sinner Saint Burlesque
Club Noc Noc
Doors @9pm | Showpm @9:30 | $15 

Feb. 18th
Seattle Rendezvous
Sabrina Chap 
Show @10pm | $7 

{Ed. note: this show is in transition – we'll keep you posted on the status!}

Feb. 19th
Sabrina Chap – Live at the Poly More Party!
Center for Sex Positive Culture 
Doors @8 | Show @8:30 | $15