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There's a great selection of films going on at the Northwest Film Forum next week (well, there's always good stuff at the NWFF, if you want to get technical about it) that we wanted to make sure you were hip to. It's called American Film Week, and it's running in the spirit of a mini- / non-festival: a series of "bold American films, offering you just one choice a night." Brilliant!

We're particularly excited about Fever Year, a documentary about the grueling of Andrew Bird's 165-date tour, and Bombay Beach, a "rich and emotional portrait of the lives of some of California's absolute poorest" with a musical score by Zach Condon {best known for directing many a Beirut video} — but the whole week is worth a visit, so much so that we're giving away a pair of passes to the entire run of screenings.

More from the NWFF blog:

"The week kicks off with the West Coast premiere of Xan Aranda’s Andrew Bird documentary Fever Year, with Aranda in attendance to introduce the screening, which will be followed by an opening night party. Filmmakers Minda Martin and Allison Bagnall, whose respective films Free Land and The Dish And The Spoon appear in the program, will also be in attendance opening night. Each night of the program will offer just one feature film and one local short film—all films are Seattle premieres—to keep things exciting and simple.

“We know that for audiences, film festivals can be overwhelming experiences, with too many films and too many decisions,” said program director Adam Sekuler. “Yet as the festival landscape in the city continues to gain strength and broaden, we find that some of the best American indies from the year escape the attention of the city’s larger festivals. The Film Forum is an organization dedicated to fostering the careers of filmmakers while also challenging audience expectations, and we believe this festival allows us to do just that. We hope this will become an annual festival that both our audiences and American filmmakers look forward to.”"

Want to check it out? We thought so! You can pick up tickets (for the whole week or for individual films) here, or, take a minute to enter our ticket giveaway! Just send an email along to tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com with the subject line "AmericanFilmWeek". We'll pick a lucky winner on Wednesday and notify you with plenty of time to find a friend that wants to tag along with you to Friday night's kickoff. And PS: Fever Year is screening with the The Shrine / An Argument, Sean Pecknold's stellar animation that's set to the music of the Fleet Foxes. It's a must to catch on the big screen while we have a chance!

We'll see you there!