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Welcome to Day 3! After the craziness of Friday night, hardcore attendees had two shows to make it to, one in the afternoon at San Francisco's oldest bar, House of Shields, and another evening show at the Rickshaw Stop. Here's our thoughts on the early show, featuring Sourpatch, Champagne Riot, and Gregory Webster!

SL: Although I was still recovering from late night at Annie's Social Club the night before, I was nevertheless looking forward to Saturday's afternoon show at the House of Shields. It's a 100 year old school bar with all wooden decor and Victorian fixtures. The "stage" where the bands play is upstairs. There's actually no real stage but a floor where it can hold maybe 50 or so people.

Sourpatch by Steve Louie

KD: After Friday night's karaoke ending (followed by a bit too much to drink), I woke up very early Friday to meet a friend, and found myself at the House of Shields with a lot of time to kill. Despite my best attempts to layer up, it was still freezing. Shortly after arriving to the venue, I was rescued by a group of young girls, who introduced themselves to me as the band Sourpatch (check them out on our podcast!). I'd been really looking forward to seeing them, and as they scooped me up and drove me around downtown San Francisco looking for parking, I knew I was going to love them. And I did. Their three girls/one boy sound reminded me quite a bit of Tiger Trap, with super fun, loud, and melodic songs, often with beautiful harmonies. It was sort of one of those moments that I couldn't even really dance like crazy. I just stood their in awe, knowing that I was witnessing one of my new favorite bands.

SL: Champagne Riot is a pop side project of one member of Northern Portrait (from Denmark). I didn't know that until I met the guy before his set. Northern Portrait was one of the few bands I was really looking forward to before coming to the fest.

Champagne Riot by Steve Louie

KD: Imagine a slightly danish New Order-esque single man laptop band. I had wished there had been more of a dance party, but maybe people were still too hungover from Friday night. Either way, I still enjoyed it, and had to stop myself from buying his $15 7" with the most beautiful packaging I've ever seen (out now on Shelflife Records).

SL: The guy's got some great tracks and his vocals are good. It just felt a little artificial as it felt his laptop was the main performer.

KD: Closing out the afternoon show (where despite it being advertised, I saw very little indie pop dancing and scrabble) was Gregory Webster, the frontman of the Razorcuts and Sportique, playing solo acoustic. I really, really love the Razorcuts, but it just wasn't quite the same without all the distortion and feedback. Still, it was fun to hear some of those songs, and especially fun to watch my friend in his homemade Razorcuts shirt geek out.

Gregory Webster by Steve Louie