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One of the fresh acts I caught at Coachella this year was Santogold. I didn't see her full set at Coachella: but what I did hear I liked very much. Santogold (Shanti White) has a strong stage presence and her singing was on-key (which can't always be said for M.I.A.). Admittedly, the track Creator has an M.I.A. vibe to it, however it is more at the genre level than a personal imitation or jump-on-the-bandwagon whiff.

The Santogold songs I heard at Coachella had a fun yet complex sound which make me want to seek out the Santogold LP. Apparently I'm not alone in my liking: Sonic Boom on 15th in Seattle was sold out of her CD on Sunday. (More expected to arrive early this week.)

In a March NME interview Santogold describes her self-titled debut album as eclectic, with dub, hip hop, indie, punk, and electronica influences.Santogold will be playing European festivals all summer, so if you have chance to see her give her a try.

The official video for her single L.E.S. Artistes: