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Sasquatch 2015

Starting things off on the right foot Friday evening, Queens rapper Action Bronson rocked a large crowd on the Bigfoot stage as big drops of rain came down. The crowd seemed to actually gain energy once the rain started to fall. Bronson rapped over some crowd favorite beats like Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” before departing the stage eating a plate of food. It takes a lot of swagger to bring your dinner up on stage with you.

Later on the Bigfoot stage Little Dragon brought their dancey jams. The drumming was on point, and lead singer Yukimi Nagano kept everyone engaged by bouncing around the stage, occasionally banging on a drum or shaking a tambourine.

Friday’s headliner Sleater-Kinney played a shockingly under attended set on the main stage. Maybe the younger crowd wasn’t that familiar with them? Sleater-Kinney still put on a great show for those in attendance. Corin Tucker’s voice sounded great bellowing up the hillside.

Heading over to the Bigfoot stage for Flume, I realized “oh, THAT’s where all the people are.” Flume had probably the largest crowd of any of the acts that played the Bigfoot stage this weekend. Accompanied by a series of computer graphics playing on the side screens, Flume stood behind a computer set up, occasionally triggering beats on a drum pad. He played a number of new songs as well as some popular favorites like Major Lazer’s “Get Free”, all of which were pretty well received.

(Lots of thanks, love, and credit for the folks who posted their videos to youtube so quickly so that we could share them here.)