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At 6:00 on the Bigfoot stage are British psych rockers Temples. The quartet put a modern spin on old 60’s psych rock; from songs like “Shelter Song” that look backwards to the sonic sounds of the Beatles, to songs like “Sun Structures’ that sound closer to modern contemporaries Tame Impala. They’ve been touring pretty consistently for over a year (this is the third time in 13 months that they’ve been through the Northwest), and they sound pretty polished and on-top of their game for such a young band. 

At 7:15 on the Main stage is St Vincent, the solo project of vocalist and lead singer Annie Clark. Clark has a commanding stage presence; a fierce combination of confidence and sheer skill. When her time comes for a guitar solo, she absolutely shreds.  Her song writing has constantly evolved over the course of her 4 albums.

At 10:00 on the Bigfoot stage is electronic musician and producer James Blake. I’m thankful that they put Blake in the time slot that they did, because this figures to be the type of music that will translate a lot better to a nighttime vibe than it would a bright middle-of-the-day set. I remember catching Bon Iver years ago at a sunset time slot performance and it was pretty epic. I’m optimistic this will be a similarly memorable experience. Blake’s 2013 album Overgrown was my favorite album from that year. Live, Balke will occasionally record a short rhythmic beat and then layer sounds over it, and he’s got a phenomenal voice to match his sharp music production.