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Sasquatch 2015

The Budos Band came ready to rock the mid-afternoon crowd on the main stage. One member of the band played the biggest saxophone I’ve ever seen. A quick Internet search tells me it’s a sax called a “contrabass saxophone”; pretty good low-end sound coming from that thing. Their sound has grown a little more rock oriented over the years, but that didn’t stop a group of young men in the crowd from throwing down a mat and break dancing to their set. I didn’t see the break dancing crew for the rest of the weekend, which is a shame because there were a lot of shows that could have used some break dancers in the crowd!

Over in the El Chupacabra tent, local beat maker Vox Mod energetically rocked a modest-sized but enthusiastic crowd. Accompanied by Ben Van Citter’s visuals which included some sci-fi movie scenes and neon graphics, Vox Mod twitched and jerked his way through the 45-minute set. He was about as energetic a man behind a computer and some electronics (his set up wasn’t visible so I’m guessing here) can be.

Father John Misty put on a fantastic late night show on the Bigfoot stage. He moved around the stage and up the catwalk with the utmost confidence, occasionally with a guitar strapped around his neck. His performance here was better than the other times I’ve seen him, possibly because his latest album is really good (and less country influenced than the first album) and the songs sound great live. He still has his self deprecating sense of humor too, asking the crowd at one point “are you ready to be moderately entertained?”

Saturday’s headliner was a pacific NW favorite Modest Mouse. This live show featured more members than they’ve performed with in the past; there were 8 people playing various instruments throughout this set, including 2 drummers. They went back through their old catalogue, playing such fan favorites as “Dramamine” and “Doin’ the Cockroach”. The handful of new songs they played fit nicely into the set as well. It was nice to see that after all these years Isaac Brock still has all the erratic energy and fire that he used to.

Closing out the El Chupacabra tent was local duo Odesza. The group had a massive crowd of late night partiers looking to dance, and they played some new material that sounded pretty fantastic.

(Lots of thanks, love, and credit for the folks who posted their videos to youtube so quickly so that we could share them here.)