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Oh Monday! Dear third day of camping, hair unwashed, everything I own smelling like sunscreen. After packing everything up post-haste we hoofed it to see one of the two early shows that day, the Heartless Bastards. I'd heard scattered ruminations about them but didn't know much and I'm patting myself on the back for checking them out. The Heartless Bastards are a Cincinnati-by-way-of-Texas band fronted by Erika Wennerstrom, whose soulful Patti Smith/Chrissie Hynde voice unites with the rough and tumble southern sound of her Austin band to form a rich and raucous kind of alt-country that is anything but boring.

Deerhoof was as solid, angular and spirited as when I'd seen them at a MUCH smaller venue. Satomi Matsuzaki, bass and vocals, is a little firecracker, seducing you with her sweetness and then crushing you with her ferocity. They easily frenzied the crowd, and sustained them with their hardworking display. Easily one of the most fun bands to see live.

Black Moth Super Rainbow was my last stop on this Sasquatch ride. I've gushed over Dandelion Gum and was highly anticipating their live show. They were as I expected: quirky, loud, ambient enough to be interesting and pop enough to be engaging. The closer you got to the stage the better it sounded, the more the hazy sweet-tart noise enveloped you. Their sound translates impeccably live and really created a mini dance party near the front of the stage.

And there you have it, my Sasquatch 2009 Wrap-Up. Done and DONE. See you next year!

*a little taste of Tunde & Co.