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So, there I was, reading both leading Seattle alt newspaper competitors, the Stranger and the Seattle Weekly, trying to find something informative and/or interesting in either. [Sometimes such articles can be found!!] One such column is "Savage Love" by the Stranger editor Dan Savage. As I'm reading through the questions, I'm suddenly hit by deja vu: didn't I already read these? Rewinding back in my mind, I remembered that they were the exact same questions from the Seattle Weekly's "Uptight Seattleite" column. Just to be sure I wasn't crazy, I scanned back through the Weekly, and sure enough they were the same, just more edited. What the hell? Aren't they supposed to be competitors, known for their back and forth snarks and jabs?

Well, a scan through both weekly's sites uncovered that in the online version, Uptight Seattleite is titled "…A Savage Uptight," which of course would be in reference to Dan Savage. But it's still pretty strange that neither paper makes mention of it in print, or offers an explanation as for the sharing of entertainment advice.

Any thoughts? Is this some sort of truce? Are they slowly becoming the same entity?