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Ok, so, say you're igDana, and you're all OMG, the new Harry Potter movie is like totally out!, and the new Harry Potter book is coming way soon! How do I contain my oozing Harry Potter excitement???

Well, do I have the solution for you! Harry and the Potters come from Norwood, MA (it's near Boston) and they play songs in character as Harry Potter year four and Harry Potter year seven. They are brothers, both very talented and legit musicians, who just happened to have a brilliant idea that so far hasn't let them down. I mean, they've got over 95,000 MySpace friends!

They play tonight for FREE (wait, what? F-R-E-E) at the Seattle Public Library. At 7pm (so says their MySpace). Which gives you time to see them and still make The Catch, if, say, you're Kiku or ChrisB.

Alright, fine, so you're NOT igDana, Kiku, or ChrisB. Q: What are you going to do tonight at 7pm? A: OMG, totally still go to see Harry and the Potters for FREEEEE at the Seattle Public Library. I tell you why. Because, you needn't be a Potterhead (is that what they call them?) to enjoy HatP. Case in point: I, Betsy, have never ever ever read a Harry Potter book, nor seen a Harry Potter movie, yet here I am gushing about how totally awesome this band is. If I'm that crazy about them without much of a frame of reference, imagine the enjoyment you'll get from seeing them live. For free. Did I mention that it's free?