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{John Darnielle}

We’re barely two weeks into 2011, and it already looks like this year’s gonna be a doozy.

On top of SXSW lineup leaks trickling through the Twitter feeds and rumors flying about additions to this year’s Sasquatch lineup, the fine files of our inboxes have seen fit to let us know about two great definites coming up for February. So, get your calendars out and proceed as follows:

#1. John Darnielle, solo at UW for Rainy Dawg Radio’s Birthday Bash {2/15}

Hot off the e-presses:

The University of Washington’s campus radio station, Rainy Dawg Radio, is celebrating it’s eighth birthday with one of the most important and prolific songwriters fo this generation: on Tuesday, February 15th, John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats will play a one-night-only show at Meany Hall, located on the University of Washington Campus.

Right? We know. Seriously. Watching JD perform “an intimate solo set spanning songs new and old from his extensive catalog” is the best post-Valentine’s Day activity we can think of. If you’re lucky enough to be a UW student, tickets are available for $12 at the By George Cafe. The rest of us can happily fork over our hard-earned cash ($20 for non-students) at any TicketsWest outlet.

{The Cave Singers}

#2. The Cave Singers, in-store at the Queen Anne Easy Street {2/22}

Everyone’s already all a-buzz about the new Cave Singers album that’s due out in February, and if you haven’t gotten your paws on it yet, you can get a taste Tuesday, February 22nd — not only is that New Release Tuesday for these fine gents, it’s also the day that they’ll be playing an in-store set to celebrate at the Queen Anne Easy Street Records.

Um. There’s really not too much more to say about this, since it’s a calendar non-negotiable. If you are not in the middle of a wedding or some type of surgery, you need to go. Period. Free, all ages, 7p.

Stay tuned! We’ll have more info on both of these stellar February events soon.