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I've goten a few emails this morning from folks active in the Seattle music scene, about a pending deadline for installing sprinkler systems in all Seattle nightclubs and the potential impact it might have. This just in, from former club-owner and all-around music scene advocate Dave Meinert:

Sprinklers of course seem like a good idea. And they are. However, clubs will be spending up to $70,000 to install these, and the deadline is very soon, too soon. It is a very real concern that several clubs might close due to the cost and timing of this requirement. What we'd like to see is that the deadline move back to 2009, and that the State give grants to cover the full cost of installation. This is something the authors considered but didn't put in the bill. At the very least they should give a tax credit to clubs having to install sprinklers.

Please write the state legislators asking them to extend the deadline and give grants so that clubs don't have to close. Remember every email counts. Really. Do it.

Here's where you can find your local Congressional representative, or you can write directly to the Bill's sponsors at the addresses below:


You can read more details about the sitch in today's Seattle PI: Night bill deadline looms by Gene Stout.