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On Thursday January 8th (how did this go unnoticed?) legendary Seattle recording studio, the Dutchman and Calleye, burned down. Owner and proprietor Gary Mula is safe, but his business is devastated.

If you're so inclined to help you may do so via The Dutchman Fund or any Banner Bank location.  Here's the scoop:

On the morning of Thursday January 8, historic rehearsal studios the Dutchman and Calleye recording studios were consumed by a tragic fire.

Gary Mula, founder and proprietor of this legendary Seattle music landmark was not injured. He is terribly shaken and unsure of his future but was luckily away when the blaze erupted. Gary's long time neighbors at Pacific Sheet Metal were also affected and have also experienced near total loss.

The Dutchman and Calleye first opened in 1984 and had been rehearsal space for many Seattle music legends including Nirvana, Mudhoney, The Screaming Trees, and The Gits. Continuing the tradition of servicing local artists, it has since continued being a stalwart resource for local and up and coming musicians with hundreds of artists rehearsing, performing, and recording on the premise over the years. Recent clients include rising Seattle artists The Valley, D. Rogale, Motorik, and Danielli. Gary is an accomplished performing musician, sound engineer, producer, and occasional promoter. He has and continues to work with numerous musicians and groups, as well as working with independent films in contributing both creative and technical talents to the productions.