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Did anyone see any great shows this weekend? What about Helio Sequence and the Pale Pacific at Neumo's? Crooked Fingers at Chop Suey? Anything else awesome?

Personally, I spent my weekend entrenched in indie pop, with All Girl Summer Fun Band at Vera on Saturday (check out Kiku's review!) and Cause Co-Motion at Chop Suey on Sunday.

Cause Co-Motion played a fantastic crash pop set, banging out tons of short jangly songs in the vein of the Buzzcocks meets Orange Juice. I have never, ever seen Seattle this into crash pop. In fact, I've never seen that many people dance at a Seattle indie rock show. It was quite a site to see. I highly recommend catching them if you like short spazzy guitar pop.

Here's a video of them from a Brooklyn show a year ago. Enjoy!