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Ok, who really, in their heart of hearts believed that McCain actually loves the song "Dancing Queen," by Abba? Hands? I thought not.

I actually do, however, believe that President-Elect Obama (I will never get tired of saying that) has a little bit of hot buttered soul under all those nice suits and probably has some good taste. The fact that he mentioned he likes Ben Harper and the Fugees gives him a leg up on at least half of his fellow politicians. That got me thinking about presidential campaign songs and how most of the time they are either inappropriate (Giuliani's use of the Clash's "Rudy Can't Fail"), uninspired (Dukakis' use of Neil Diamond's "America"), or just plain lame (Clinton's use of "Don't Stop"). I will say, however, that Bob Dole's 1996 parody of "Soul Man," changing it to "Dole Man," actually made me like him just the teeniest bit, mostly because little old men with turkey necks dancing always cracks me up. 

ANYways… If this were a flowchart, the next arrow would lead to Inauguration music. I have taken it upon myself to suggest a few songs for our 44th president to play on the day he places his hand on that bible and rocks our worlds.

  • "Chocolate City" by Parliament: If nothing else, for the line "They still call it the White House, but that's a temporary condition, too." Seriously, if George Clinton was standing on the steps of the White House in full funk regalia, the red state-ers heads would pop all Scanners-style.
  • "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta" by the Geto Boys: This should be self explanitory for hip-hop fans. For those not familiar, the line "And now, a word from our president: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta, gettin voted into the White House," says it all, doesn't it? Plus, who doesn't want to see him bust an old school move to this? Roger Rabbit! Roger Rabbit! Sorry.
  • "Stand" by Sly and the Family Stone: The lyrics "Stand. For the things you know are right. It's the truth that the truth makes them so uptight," kind of encapsulates his message of change to me. Plus Sly is SO funky. He might even SHOW UP for that dream gig. 
  • "Ode to a Black Man" by The Dirtbombs: Just in case President Obama is more of a garage rock kind of cat, the chorus says it all: "There are people in this town who try to put me down. They say I don't give a damn. But those people in this town that try to put me down are the people in this town who could never understand a black man." Take THAT, red states!
  • "None of Us Are Free" by Solomon Burke: This is a beautiful song that reflects his hopes for change. It'll put a lump in your throat! The whole song is full of killer lines, but there is one that actually mentions change: "Now it's time to start making changes,and it's time for us all to realize, that the truth is shining real bright right before our eyes."

So, that's my thinking on things. Now you tell us: What song would make you all shout "Yes We DID!"?