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Photo by Kaley Davis

It's rerun week for late night hosts this week, so we get to relive some of our favorites of the past few months (their original run dates noted with an R below). The landscape is littered with political (albeit interesting) candidates this week, but don't fear 'cause next week we're getting a couple of really exciting musical guests:

***Tuesday, May 29***
Sen. Barack Obama (R 4/9/07) on LETTERMAN
Sen. Joseph Biden (Go Delawareans!) (R 3/22/07)on LENO
Howard Dean (R 5/16/07)on the COLBERT REPORT

***Wednesday, May 30***
Dr. Phil McGraw (R 5/10/07) on LETTERMAN
Al Gore (R 5/24/07) on THE DAILY SHOW

***Thursday, May 31***
Peter Bjorn & John (R 5/18/07)on LENO
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (R 5/2/07) on JIMMY KIMMEL

***Friday, June 1***
Modest Mouse (R 5/1/07) on LETTERMAN
Sanjaya Malakar, OK Go (R 4/19/07)on LENO
Sarah Silverman (R 5/16/07)on JIMMY KIMMEL

Next week we can look forward to a couple late night performances by Bright Eyes, Patrick Wolf and more!