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Want to get a federal student loan or aid to go to college? Better not break any copyright laws or offend the RIAA or MPAA. These entertainment lobbies have somehow convinced the Democrats that they should add into a bill on Financial Aid and education support a law that would force colleges/universities to pay fees to the Recording and Movie industries and report all their students to them if the MPAA or RIAA thinks they're "stealing" content over the internet.

And if the colleges/universities don't do these things for the entertainment industry? They will lose all their federal student aid/loans for all their students – "guilty" or not. Yes, now the RIAA and MPAA want to take away your chance at an education if they don't get their payment for a dying industry model.

Well, if you are as disgusted by this fascist tactic of the RIAA and MPAA as I am, I'd recommend you call/email your local representative and remind them that they should not be linking your education/future to special interests. They should especially not be making the federal government do the dirty work of these dinosaurs of entertainment.