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So here we are once again. My pathetic little knee is getting better today. In fact, i can almost skip tonight despite the strain that I still feel every time i remotely attempt to hustle. Here is what we had in store for a lonely afternoon:

1) Slowdive: Pygmalion

This is a tremendous recording. They start to move into more of an ambient, ethereal territory while retaining the definitive shoegazing sound that they have since become acclaimed for with their previous album, 1993's excellent Souvlaki. Track this one down if you are a fan of anything related to the genre.

2) David J: On Glass

He was the bass player for Bauhaus and later, Love and Rockets, and he has also managed to have a fairly prolific solo career. This collection is culled mainly from early singles that were recorded in the UK for Glass Records. There are not one, but two John Cale covers here that are well done and the original material is marvelous too. Why aren't Love and Rockets playing the Sasquatch Festival?

3) John Lennon: Walls and Bridges

I picked this up on vinyl today at Jive Time Records with the original folding front cover and I am listening to it as I write. Some may disagree, but I have always loved this album. It is behind his first two solo albums, which are utterly magnificent, but not by much. "Steel and Glass" and "Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out" are personal favorites. What a genius.

The sickest part about today was that I had to spend it at work. That is why I feel ill at the moment and I think that I actually felt better yesterday when I couldn't walk. Ugh.