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I honestly feel like the SIFF NW Connections programming gets better every single year! The 40thSeattle International Film Festival has an impressive roster of documentaries and features with local directors, actors, writers, and locations. ALL of this makes me incredibly happy! Let’s take a look at what’s happening this year.

My first thought when I spied the new Megan Griffiths film in this year’s line-up was, “AWESOME!”  And awesome it is. Lucky Them stars Toni Collette as a Seattle music journalist (for fictional magazineSTAX) who’s never quite gotten over her famous and handsome musician beau’s disappearance. It’s packed with great acting from Collette and her co-stars, lots of recognizable Seattle scenery, and more introspection than you usually get from a “dramedy.” GO SEE IT! It’s great. {Screens 5/22, 7pm at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center, and again 5/23, 9:15pm at The Egyptian}

 Raging grannies seems like a thing I’d like, so I’m planning to check out Two Raging Grannies, a documentary about Seattle residents and best friends Shirley & Hinda, who ride around on their scooters with megaphones shouting suggestions about solving the global economic crisis. I LOVE IT. {Screens 5/28, 7pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown, 5/29, 4pm at Lincoln Square Cinemas, and again 5/30, 1:30pm at AMC Pacific Place}

And this one should be … funny? Maybe? Local director Brett Fetzer’s first feature My Last Year with the Nuns involves Seattle monologist Matt Smith’s 8th-grade coming-of-age story set in 1966 … with Smith playing ALL the roles. Whoa. {Screens 5/21, 6:30pm and 6/26, 11am at The Egyptian}

Desert Cathedral is a spooky tale based on the real-life disappearance of Seattle real-estate developer Peter Collins in 1992, and was filmed in Central Washington (which stands in for the Nevada desert). Even spookier: some of Peter’s actual VHS footage is integrated into this semi-fictional retelling. Yikes! {Screens 5/17, 9pm and again 5/18, 1:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown}

Ever hear of “The Barefoot Bandit?” The journey of teenage fugitive Colton Moore – from Camano Island – is chronicled in the partly animated documentary Fly Colt Fly: The Legend of the Barefoot Bandit. I bet his 90,000+ fans are pretty psyched. {Screens 5/29, 6:30pm & 6/8, 11am at SIFF Cinema Uptown, and 5/31, 11am at The Egyptian}

Seattle filmmaker Sean Telford turns the camera on four mismatched misfits stuck in a small town with limited options, who will do ANYTHING to escape in BFE. Wait a second! This sounds a little too familiar … Hmm. I don’t want to name any names, JK! I totally will. Hey, Everett? Is that you? {Screens 6/2, 9pm at and again 6/3, 4pm at The Harvard Exit}

Environmentalists have a few striking documentaries to choose from this year, including DamNation (Dam! Dam-dam!), which talks about dam removal and its impact on everything from wildlife populations to landscapes – including Elwha Dams on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula{Screens 5/18, 4pm at The Egyptian, 5/19, 4:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown, and again 5/28, 7pm at Lincoln Square Cinemas}

And a few more films with connections to our dear PNW: Seattle Supersonic Shorts on ShortsFest weekend {5/25 at SIFF Cinema Uptown}4 Minute Mile, in which a Seattle high school student makes a connection with an unlikely mentor (Richard Jenkins, I love you!) {6/5 & 6/6 at SIFF Cinema Uptown}; you can learn all kinds of things about wild salmon in The Breach {6/4 at SIFF Cinema Uptown, 6/7 at AMC Pacific Place}; fans of Old Goats should see its companion piece Burkholder {5/17 & 5/18 at the Harvard Exit, 5/22 at Lincoln Square}Obama Mama is about, well, Obama’s Mama, obviously, who grew up on Mercer Island {5/31 at Kirkland Perf. Center & 6/1 at The Harvard Exit}Oil & Water explores the struggle of two people trying to save an Ecuadorian ecosystem {6/3 & 6/4 at AMC Pacific Place}; and ancient mysticism and sound collide inSong of the New Earth {5/16 & 5/17 at AMC Pacific Place}.

{Films with NW Connections that are previewed in the Face the Music program: Big in Japan, Strictly Sacred: the Story of Girl Trouble, andRazing the Bar}

Tell us what you’ll be lining up for!