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Jason Mantzoukas and Tony Revolori in The Long Dumb Road

SIFF Review: The Long Dumb Road

The Long Dumb Road is, mostly, great fun. So let’s start with the great fun, but stay tuned for that “mostly,” because it’s a big one. The movie, directed by Hannah Fidell, is a worthy iteration of the mismatched buddy road-trip comedy with the added bonus of starring two comedic actors—Jason Mantzoukas from The Good […]

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Anita, Little Tito, and Uncle Tito in front of a pop-up sci-fi tent

SIFF Take: Little Tito and the Aliens

Anita and Tito’s loving and eccentric father has recently died, and he’s sent them to live with their significantly more eccentric uncle who’s stranded himself very deliberately out in the desert near Area 51 to do either Mysterious Scientific Things or possibly Nothing Much (it’s hard to say), and who is in nearly as much […]

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Nico on stage

SIFF Review: Nico, 1988

First, let’s talk about the movie. Then let’s talk about a little bit about feminist film. Ok, so do you know who Nico is? I’ve been sort of aware of her forever but I’m not steeped in Nico lore, so if you’re an acolyte already, you can skip ahead a bit. Or just skip this […]

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Apollo capsule in a desert surrounded by parachutes

Recommended SIFF: The Landing

It is all but impossible to talk about The Landing, a film by the Dobson Brothers, without detracting from the experience of watching it. I went in without preconceptions and was very glad to have done so. Nominally, it is about an Apollo mission, but it’s far more adroitly about the relationship between perception and […]

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The Blackett sisters from Swallows and Amazons

SIFF take: Swallows and Amazons

My children wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, and loudly captial-L Loved Swallows and Amazons. In the estimable tradition of The Boxcar Children or The Bobbsey twins (and based on a beloved book), it exists in a world where children are competent to  not only undertake unsupervised extended sailing-and-camping trips but also to thwart international spies. In some ways, […]

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Promotional poster from the web series Rocketmen

Recommended SIFF: Rocketmen

Standing on a rooftop in downtown Seattle, for decades untold (well, somewhat told—since the 30s anyway), a squadron of patriots has stood/sat/played badminton, awaiting the signed triplicate forms that would ever-so-occasionally launch them into duty. They are brave. They are dapper. They are… The Rocketmen! Yeah! More specifically, the Department of Municipal Rocketry. Founded as […]

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Activist Dolores Huerta speaking into a megaphone

Recommended SIFF: Dolores {May 29, June 3}

“You can’t make change if you’re not willing to give something up.” –Dolores Huerta Profoundly inspirational. Profoundly. Dolores is a moving and fascinating documentary chronicling a seminal and currently all-too-relevant time in our country’s history through the story of one of its principle architects, the should-be-but-isn’t-legendary activist and mother of 11, Dolores Huerta. In the […]

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SIFF TAKE: Dean {May 27}

Demetri Martin makes his directorial debut with Dean, a spiritual descendent of Wes Anderson and mumblecore rom-coms that sways gamely between tentative and confident before ultimately settling on a sort of quirky but lovely sincerity. Kevin Klein and Mary Steenburgen burnish their reputations as national treasures, giving it with both barrels apiece, and Briga Heelan […]

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Władysław Strzemiński, played by Boguslaw Linda


Legendary Polish director Andrzej Vajda passed away late last year, just after the release of what turned out to be his last film, a beautiful and humane picture called Afterimage. It tells the story of Władysław Strzemiński (Boguslaw Linda), who is still one of the most renowned Polish painters of the 20th Century, as his […]

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