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Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Contrary to its B-Movie title, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo is actually an engaging documentary about Japan’s fascination with all things insect.

Juxtaposing images of beetle hunters, cricket keepers, entomologists, insect markets and adorable squealing children who keep pets of the squirmy variety, Director Jessica Orek draws us into a culture where every living creature – even the tiniest one – is equally important.

I admit: some of the larvae close-ups gave me the wigs (don’t even get me started on the Ferrari-driving dude who supplements his sake with WASPS! And then drinks! IT!), but there’s also plenty of beauty to look at: dragonfly wings, fluttering butterflies, and crickets chirping happily.

I enjoyed it, even if it didn’t exactly convince me that I need to keep anything other than furry, four-legged creatures in my house. 

{Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo screens at SIFF May 31, 1:30pm at Pacific Place and again on June 2, 9:15pm at The Harvard Exit}