Three Imaginary Girls

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Mia’s a 15-year-old just like any other; she wants to hang with the popular girls, smoke cigarettes, make out with boys, drink, drop molly, and asphyxiate her friends for pleasure — HOLD UP A MINUTE. Either some things have changed dramatically since I was a teen, or Swiss teenagers are into some really kinky stuff. Anyway!

You get the picture. Mia is a high-school girl experimenting and rebelling as she comes of age … except that her body is changing in ways that aren’t quite typical. In fact, they’re pretty gross. Short story: come for the teen angst, stay for the body horror. Oh, and HOT TIP: Don’t watch the trailer if you want to be surprised.

{Blue My Mind screens one more time at SIFF Monday, May 28, 8:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown}