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Melanie Lynskey

Film-loving friends, I tell you this every. single. year. Y’all should always be buying tickets to the “Tribute” and “Afternoon With” events at the Seattle International Film Festival. And this year, well, this year, I’m going to SCREAM IT AT YOU:


From the first moment I saw Lynskey on screen in Heavenly Creatures, I was all in. I mean it; my screen crush is serious! Her range is unlimited, her ability to draw you in is INSANE, and she is literally perfect in every single role she’s ever played. I don’t know how she does it, but every time I see her in a film or show I am just awe-struck at how good she is. (This is why I cannot wait for Castle Rock!)

The afternoon will include an interview with Melanie where they’ll show clips of some of her work and talk with her about her career. Since it’s unlikely they’ll include all my faves, I’ll just name a few for you to bookmark for later: Pauline (obvs) in Heavenly Creatures; Marcy on The Shield (her 2 episode arc is so GOOD); Munch in Away We Go; Kelly in Happy Christmas; Lindsay in Rainbow Time; Michelle in Togetherness (why the F didn’t they renew that show?!!); Ruth in I Don’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore; Mary in XX, “The Birthday Party;” and Rae in Sadie.

It’s my not-so-humble opinion that the interview alone is worth the ticket price, but as a bonus you’ll get to see Sadie, directed by Seattleite Megan Griffiths. This buzz-worthy coming-of-age drama has a solid cast, atmosphere like whoa, and a dark, dark twist that will leave you thinking long after the credits roll.


{An Afternoon with Melanie Lynskey | Sunday, May 27, 2:30pm at SIFF Cinema Egyptian | Sadie Director Megan Griffiths & Producers Jennessa West, Jonathan Caso & Lacey Leavitt are scheduled to attend}