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{Innocence screens at SIFF June 4, 8:30pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown, and June 6, 6:30pm & June 8, 4pm at The Harvard Exit}

Handsome rehabilitation doctor Tomas’ world is shattered with a 14-year-old patient, Olinka, accuses him of molesting her. Oh, and his wife Milada’s ex-husband is the cop assigned to the case. WHOOPS. Shit just got complicated!

I wasn’t sure about this one, but it turns out Innocence goes beyond the “is he guilty or not?” plot point that usually carries these kinds of films. The story starts with an interesting premise, and then dives into multiple layers of lies and deception involving Tomas’, his wife, her sister, and the teen girl he may (or may not have) abused.

I was continually surprised by the acting and direction. The actresses who play Lida (Anna Geislerova) and Olinka (whose name I can’t track down) are AMAZING, and both men, Tomas and the jilted ex, play their parts perfectly.

Innocence winds up with a satisfyingly twisted, unsettling ending, and is definitely worth your SIFF dollars.