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Guys, for real: Director Gillian Robespierre is an expert at turning real life struggles into cinematic art. Landline takes you through one family’s turmoil and three women’s separate, yet sort-of related, crises in 1995 Manhattan and is a super enjoyable watch. Sure, you’re gonna cry a lot of emotional tears, but you’re gonna laugh a lot too. Also the bomb-ass trio of Edie Falco, Jenny Slate, and Abby Quinn as mom and daughters is THE BEST.

Tix are already on standby for the Centerpiece Gala screening on June 3 {*sob*}, but if waiting in the rush line doesn’t get you in, never fear! There’s another screening the next day.

{Landline screens at SIFF Saturday, June 3 at SIFF Cinema Egyptian as part of the Centerpiece Gala as SIFF Cinema Egyptian – on standby, and again Sunday, June 4, 4pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Director Gillian Robespierre, Actors Jenny Slate & Abby Quinn are scheduled to attend both screenings.}