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Okay, here’s the deal: SIFF live-music events are always amazing. Every time I run into someone who’s been to one, they insist it’s one of the best shows they’ve ever seen – so I feel compelled to plug this as a recommended Friday show (Imaginary Embracey mentioned it too).

Friday, June 12 at The Triple Door, LA duo (and Sup Pop labeled) No Age are going to perform a completely original score to Jean-Jacques Annaud’s nature film The Bear at 7pm and again at 9:30pm.

Details from the SIFF Guide:

When a rockslide kills a mother bear, her cub Douce becomes an orphan in the threatening Canadian Rockies. Luckily, she encounters Bart, a full-grown male bear on the run from hunters after mauling their pack animals. Though the ill-tempered Bart initially rejects Douce’s companionship, the cub wins his affection by licking Bart’s gunshot wounds. Psychedelic mushroom trips and a rendezvous with Doc (the effeminate male bear who plays Bart’s love interest) are woodland fun at its finest, but the invasive fear of being hunted drives The Bear forward.

Los Angeles duo No Age will add their musical interpretation to the film by performing original music during the screening. As Douce and Bart sift through the maladies and joys of their precarious existence, so too does No Age’s music filter raw sensation through art-punk chaos. The 7pm screening is all ages, 9:30pm screening is 21+

Still not convinced? Here’s the trailer (the Movie Guy’s narration kills me a little, but how can you resist squee’ing over that cute baby bear?). Just imagine No Age providing some killer new music:

Looks and sounds like a fun evening! You can get tix online here.