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(AKA: Yet another SIFF Opening Night that was awesome & tons of fun)

Act 1
In which I arrive at The Paramount to meet Hanna & ChrisB and immediately regret my dress choice. Full skirt + wind = imminent wardrobe malfunction.

Act 2
In which we are herded like cattle into the theater, find decent seats, and enjoy a special short film to honor 35 years of SIFF, and further enjoy In the Loop.

Act 3
In which we head to the street party outside, discover the food lines closely resemble mosh pits (people in suits & cocktail dresses can shove HARD – I have the bruises to prove it!), get cold, grab a mojito and head back inside. The one taco I fought for was really good, though.

Act 4
In which we discover the Bubble Lounge, see both Mimi Kennedy & Zach Woods, devour cupcake-y goodness, meet a million cool people, have more drinks, and join the 80s Dance Party.

Act 5
In which the party ends, an awesome Roller Girl takes pics of us on the red carpet, and we depart for our separate homes. Note to taxi driver: that incense was totally not covering up whatever happened in there before me.