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Hooked, or Pescuit Sportiv is Romanian director Adrian Sitaru’s first film. It’s a tale of two lovers heading out on a picnic for the weekend who happened to run over a hooker along the way. Mihai and Lubi are the lovers who want to get away for a few days, Mihai from his teaching job he just quit and Lubi from her husband. Ana is the prostitute who, luckily or unluckily, isn’t dead, as the couple fears and she invites herself along for the picnic.

Ana (or is it Violeta?) complicates Mihai and Lubi’s already complicated relationship, which is almost unrequited and mostly non-sexual – even if it adulterous. She may or may not be fond of both of the couple but does force them to confront the ugly truths in their affair. 84 minutes barely gives Ana enough time to completely rip apart Mihai and Lubi’s relationship, but she does enough damage in that time that it makes them wonder if they should have just left her by the street to die (or become someone else’s problem).

Hooked plays SIFF at Pacific Place on May 22 at 1:30pm, June 7 at SIFF Cinema at 9:30pm and June 9 at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle at 4:30pm.