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So here’s the thing, I was unsure about The Beast Stalker in the beginning (felt more like a TV show about cops than an action movie at first), but I got totally sucked in as soon as the intense car chase started.

Screenwriter Jack Ng weaves a more intricate story than you’d expect into a kick-ass action flick, and Director Dante Lam fills it with some of the most amazing shots I’ve ever seen.

Police Captain Tong Fei (Nicolas Tse) makes a mistake while chasing down a triad boss, accidentally killing one of the daughters of prosecuting attorney Ann Gao (Jingchu Zhang), who’s trying the case. Before the boss can be tried and Tong can resolve his guilt, the second daughter is kidnapped by Hung (Nick Cheung), a thug-for-hire with his own complex history.  This is a must-see for its brilliant performances and breath-taking camera work.

{The Beast Stalker screens at SIFF May 27th at the Harvard Exit, 7pm and again on May 30th at Uptown Cinema, 11am. You can buy tickets online here.}