Three Imaginary Girls

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Young People Fucking. What a subtle title for a film. There is no ambiguity as to what this movie is about.

Here’s the plot: there are five separate story lines about five twenty or thirty-something couples who, well, you know. The movie desperately wants to be a sophisticated sex comedy. The five couples’ stories are told through six parts: Prelude, Foreplay, Sex, Interlude, Orgasm and Afterglow. Along the way to post-coital bliss they all encounter, uhh, difficulties.

This film has more neurosis packed in to 90 minutes than if Woody Allen ever adapted Fear of Flying into a motion picture. As much as I want to say this is a smart comedy (the characters all seem to know exactly what they want physically and emotionally from their partners) I really only found myself interested in two of the plot lines: “The Exes” and “The First Date” couple. Coincidentally (or not) those were the only two stories that don’t have the male characters asking “does this make me gay?”

As many problems as I had with the film, it still made a promise in the title and kept it.