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From StereogumThis is too good not to post, even if it may make Imaginary Dana quite jealous of our friends in New York.

TIG favorites the Thermals are playing, err, I'll just let P4K tell it:

But on January 31 at Studio B in Brooklyn, the hyperkinetic kids in the Thermals will be your friends, your enablers, and, yes, your music makers. Following a regular Thermals set, Hutch, Kathy, and co. will morph into the backing band for a night of karaoke sponsored by New York magazine.

The full song list is being worked on at the moment, though we've been told that Bowie, Madonna, and the Ramones are in the mix. With this lot, we'd guess the faster the jam (and fewer the chords), the better your shot.

The evening should run much like the one Of Montreal did with New York mag last April, which apparently devolved into a two-way reading of "More Than a Feeling" between actor Paul Rudd and "State" associate David Wain. Can the Thermals inspire that level of soused silliness in the evening's as-yet-unannounced celebrity MC or the madding crowd?

Stereogum's got the poster. Everyone else has a little less than 3 weeks to find their way to NYC, get tickets, and work on their version of "I Wanna Be Sedated."