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{Sleepless Night is screening in Seattle at The Grand Illusion from 8/17 through 8/23}

I hate to use words like "high-octane thrill ride" but there's probably no better way to describe Sleepless Night. Not that I can think of anyway, because my mind is blown from all the shooting and blood and car chases and chaos.

Handsome cop Vincent (a broody & drool-worthy Tomer Sisley) also happens to be a drug dealer. Unfortunately, he's not a very good thief, and so he gets caught stealing a bag of expensive blow from a rough-looking baddie who takes his teenage son for collateral.

Seems like it would be simple enough to exchange the drugs for the kid, except that there are many complications. Some in the form of "clean" cops tailing Vincent to catch him in the act, and even more in the form of other interested parties who want the stash of coke for themselves.

All this turmoil leads to frantic pursuits, men beating the hell out of each other, bloody stabbings, smashed cars, and enough shooting to rival the massacre in Scarface. All of which means that I found it SUPER ENJOYABLE AND TOTALLY LOVED IT.

Director Frederic Jardin chose to have this action thriller take place over the course of a single night, and shot most of the scenes inside a packed nightclub using music to underscore the action. One of my favorite scenes occurs near the beginning with "Another One Bites the Dust" (apparently line dancing to Queen songs is the hip thing to do in French nightclubs. What). Something about watching Vincent's face reveal how fucked he knows he is juxtaposed with young party people getting down with some synchonized boogie is endlessly, fantastically amusing. 

Recommended for people who love non-stop action, and definitely worth your $8.