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“Aurora” by Slow Skate from Andy Seaver on Vimeo.

This Friday night (4/8) at Columbia City Theater, Slow Skate will be debuting the luxuriously seductive and atmospherically anxious sounds from their brand new full-length, Count the Days With Me. The record release starts at 9 pm, the tickets are seven bucks, and also included on the bill are Thomas Hunter & White China Gold, as well as Dane Ueland.

Slow Skate has played the Bourbon Bar at CCT regularly for awhile, a perfect showcase for their posh, pining aesthetic that matches peat-burnt folk-blues with sensual dark-lounge tunes. But Friday they’re hitting the main stage, and with Count the Days With Me, they achieve a whole new level of album-art. On tracks like “Aurora” (see the accompanying new video above, done by Andy Seaver) you can slink into the soft, blissy vocals from Caitlin as they are caressed firmly by noirish surf and spy riffs from husband ¬†Jason’s baritone guitar. Their new full-time third man, Rob, perfects the album to soundtrack level immersion, and live helps out with even more delightful analog organ and drum loops, and more of that swanky guitar than before.

It should be a night of musical elegance and ecstasy!