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I feel like a big heel that it’s taken me this long to find out about Philadelphia’s When I Was 12 (hello know-it-all popfed legions, where have you been!). Both iTunes and cdbaby claim that their debut album, Dear Eskimo, was released in March, 2009, which makes me sad to think I’ve lost two whole years of enjoying them. But, hoorays, I recently procured their cd (purchasable here) and am happy to be making up for lost time.

The songs of When I Was 12 make my heart burst with hope and joy. They are lo-fi and sedately bubbly and are perfect for this slightly gray cast of chill that seems to be plaguing Seattle right now.  The female vocals have an approachable sincerity reminiscent of Hello Seahorse (which you might have heard me exclaim about once or twice) and are a perfect match for WIW12’s glockenspiel / guitar / toy accordion melodies that blend of the Softies + The Shins +

Rumor has it that they are contemplating a Seattle tour stop sometime this summer. I can’t wait to see them whip out the vintage see & say on stage!

Do you have any favorite songs or bands that use vintage toys… please share!