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Recorded in 2005, the six-song EP by Seattle-ites Wilgus is chock full of catchy garage rock dirges that blend classic rock and punk. "Pointy Man" takes on religion with a shovel of black humor. Lines such as "You sold your soul to the pointy man / It'd be better you don't get it back" grace the fast paced gritty track with ease.

The song "Somebody's Son" was recently featured on Neil Young's Living with War webpage, a site where band's submit anti-war tracks that get ranked. For a while, it was up there rather high in the list. The muddy guitars scrape their way across the track as the refrain "Killing in your war" is repeated after verses about sons and daughters being marginalized for the purposes of god and government.

"Meat" is a mysterious song that is difficult to place. It's told from the perspective of a carnivore who questions his eating habits, or perhaps a vegetarian, but who cannot be moved enough to feel remorse. "Slow meat suicide / Each one gets euthanized / I don't think to empathize / Can't seem to bother" are some of the intriguing lyrics. There are a few poppier moments as well such as the quirky "Jolene," a forlorn song of lust and loneliness that has some dynamic changes.

The EP blends political slants with straight ahead bar rock to make a release that will rock the bar scene.