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One of my favorite bands ever (that my awesome friend Carl introduced me to) is Smoking Popes—who, in addition to creating catchy, hyperkentic lovelorn tunes, totally kill it live every. single. time. they play—and they are FINALLY releasing some new songs!

On May 1, The Complete Control Sessions: Smoking Popes will be released on SideOneDummy Records, both digitally and in a limited vinyl pressing. Vinyl will be pressed in black, black w/gold splatter, and gold w/black splatter (fancy!).

This live EP will have classic Smoking Popes ballads "Writing a Letter" and "Grab Your Heart and Run", plus two new songs: "Let’s Call It Love" and "Hey Renee"—and a cover of the Les Mis song "I Dreamed a Dream." AWESOME.

Download the EP or order a record off SideOneDummy’s webstore on 5/1. I’m so excited! Who else is excited?